schnurstracks Teamevent offers sporty, exciting and team-oriented outdoor events for companies. For many years we have successfully got people and teams moving. With our interactive and fun-oriented events, we motivate you at your summer party, your anniversary event, company outing or during the down time section of your conference.



Our group is really large?
Size doesn’t matter: We get the participants moving, no matter if there are 30, 300 or 3.000 persons. For years we focussed on larger group settings.

Our group is smaller than the number of participants indicated.
Many programs can be adapted and used for smaller groups. Sometimes the group dynamic is not the same as it is in larger groups because these groups are more active. But of course you can have an exciting team event with a small group. We will be happy to provide consulting. However, please consider our indicated minimum price.

Our time available is longer or shorter than indicated.
The indicated time schedule serves as reference point for the described program according to the indicated conditions. We work with you and for you no matter if you want an event lastig two hours, half a day, a whole day or even longer. We will be pleased to provide you an individual offer with an appropriate combination of program items.

What to wear?
It depends on the program. If we work outdoors, loose clothing not to delicate or sensitive to dirt will be sufficient. Depending on the choosen program and weather sun and/or rain protection as well as a warm jacket and solid shoes are reasonable.

Many events indoors as well as outdoors are also possible with business clothes.
If you decide for the raft building event, it will be a good idea to bring a pile of subsitute clothes. Although this is very unlikely it could get a little bit wet or even more wet. In case any event requires a certain clothing we will inform you in advance. We will provide special equipment which you don’t  own (e.g. harness, life-vests or the like).

What venues are possible?
Basically we work on every location you choose if the venue fits to the chosen event.
We still have many more venues at our disposal than indicated on our home page. We like to recommend locations we are familiar with and which have been tested. If an extensive research or location check is important we will charge you only the neccessary costs. If we have to travel very far, so the price might be higher than indicated.

Why are there minimum prices?
At a certain number of participants both the number of selected trainers and effort regarding logistics for the choosen event remains the same. Please understand that all programs have a minimum price.

For us saftety doesn’t only mean the physical security – we take this for granted. We also consider security as a comprehensive process starting with values and opions of the organisation PRAXISFELD itself or its trainers. Mental safety is therefore a central part of our work and this means for us to show respect and responsibility towards the participants of our programs. This applies for each team event and also for each other process in which we are involved. Every participant chooses the challenging level for himself and will be supported by our trainers if he or she says “no”. We provide a protected frame so that killer phrases of other participants or overestimation of the participant’s own capacities don’t  lead to insecure acts.
Our ropes courses are operated in accordance with the inspection, operation and training standards of the European Ropes Courses Association (ERCA).

In (almost) all weathers your event can take place. The participants bring the appropriate clothing (solid shoes, rain or sun protection, jackets a.s.o). If you think that the weather conditions are too uncertain, we will be happy to develop an alternative for bad weather. This service, however, is not part of the respective offer and we will charge you seperately.

Physical abilities
No particular level of physical fitness is needed. If you are not sure because of initial illness or so, you can always ask our trainer on site or consultants beforehand.

Is it possible to book a whole package inkluding catering, transfer a.s.o.?
Yes, you can. But our experience is that the effort and need of coordination arising therefrom is huge and close cooperation is more simple. Our suggestion: we conduct the team event, you can speak direktly with the supplier of catering, transfer and accomodation if appropriate. If you want to lay everything in our hands, we will be pleased to do so and charge you a handling fee.