schnurstracks Teamevent offers sporty, exciting and team-oriented outdoor events for companies. For many years we have successfully got people and teams moving. With our interactive and fun-oriented events, we motivate you at your summer party, your anniversary event, company outing or during the down time section of your conference.

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Additional services

Pimp your event

Do you need a tailored setting for an award ceremony? Or do you want a little give-away for all participants? We are happy to give you a summary with all cups, medals and other trophies.

Disposable are available rain-ponchos for a fee of 1,50€/piece plus VAT. Please indicate requirement when booking the event.

Tailored concepts and programmes, research, coordination
On our homepage you will find successful and popular standard-programs. Naturally, there are many more possibilities and we have a lot more ideas. Please consider any online-offer as basis for a discussion. We are pleased to develop a perfect customised program for you and, of course, we will take into consideration your specific topics, objectives and requests.

You tell us what you want and we will organise it by making all necessary arrangements. We can also organise additional services such as catering facilities. We find specific places e.g. suitable for raft building and deal with the necessary premisis. Regarding larger projects, detailed program settings and on-site-discussions are both necassary and sensible. For these services a charge of 125,--€/hour plus VAT will be raisee. Naturally, we will discuss this with you in advance.

Billing and coordination of external services
If you wish the complete settlement of your event handled by our office, a handling charge of 15% on all services of suppliers (hotels, catering etc.) will be raised.

Solving business problems: Team event – team building – team workshop
Do you want to emphasise the common goal in a team event? And do you want to make both a lasting and motivational experience for your team or the whole company? Than you have come to the right place.

But do you want to have a look at the collaboration within your team and enter into a dialog about this subject with the aid of some team development methods? Or do you want our consultant to accompany your team workshop? Our consultants work on the appropriate team and/or process issues together with the participants and on the basis of your business goals.
Than you should visit PRAXISFELD services ranges from workshop moderation to leadership development and consulting.