schnurstracks Teamevent offers sporty, exciting and team-oriented outdoor events for companies. For many years we have successfully got people and teams moving. With our interactive and fun-oriented events, we motivate you at your summer party, your anniversary event, company outing or during the down time section of your conference.


Privacy policy

Piwik tracking

On our website we use the application Piwik for statistical purposes and optimisation of our website. Piwik uses cookies stored on your computer to enable this analysis. Cookies are little data files used to transfer usage data to our server. Your IP-address rendered anonymous (shorten by 2 bytes) is transferred to our server thus you will remain anonymous. We adhere to the settings of an independent and impartial certification body at the Unabhängigen Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein regarding the privacy-compliant usage of Piwik.

The following data is collected:

  • IP-address (anonymised)
  • time and duration of visit
  • country, to some extend region and city
  • viewed pages
  • downloads and clicks on external links
  • used item (mobile/desktop)
  • operating system
  • browser, screen size
  • source of visits (e.g. directly from a website or something else)

Personal data will only be collected if you will give us this information voluntarily, e.g. by filling in a form (e.g. contact form or online signup). We will not disclose your personal information to any third party unless you have consented to such disclosure.

You may opt out of the Piwik tracking. On our German website you will find an opt-out option with which you can disable the tracking for the used device. Simply tick off the box. A little opt-out cookie will be stored on your computer. That means, however, if you delete cookies in your browser you will have to disable the tracking again.

As an alternative a lot of browsers (e.g. Firefox or Google Chrome) offer a do-not-track-option in their settings. Piwik respects these settings and will not store any usage data if you have to disable the tracking. Further information hereto you will find here: or in the settings of your browser.