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Ein kreativer Teilabschnitt für die Kugelbahn
Eine Kugel bewältigt einen Sprung in der Kugelbahn
Eine lange Röhre für die Kugelbahn, die mit Bambusstäben gehalten wird
Detailabstimmung während des Kugelbahnbaus

Creative Marble Run

An interface construction project
6 to 50
minimum of 2 hours
both is possible
flexible, approx. 3 m²/person , ceiling hight 2,5 m
49,- €/person | all-inclusive fixed price for 20 persons or less 980,- € | plus VAT and travel expenses

Find solutions – design interfaces

The goal of this construction project is the common development and construction of a marble run system. At first several teams will prepare different sections of the marble run. These sections will be put together and have to work in the official trial.

To make this happen both close communication and consultation among the teams are absolutely necessary in the construction phase. Different rules and regulations concerning both each team and the whole group have to be met.

There are challenging tasks: e.g. the marble run must contain a looping and the marble has to make a jump. Creativity and innovative ideas are requested. The success is based on close agreement and consultation of all participants with focus on the overall target but without losing sight of their original task.

Certainly, the ambition will spur them on!

Notice: In contrast to the event “Giant marble run” is this offer designed for smaller groups. This event is focussed on creativity and detailed solution whereas the participants of the “Giant Marble Run” will concentrate more on the whole concept.