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iChallenge Spielfeld auf dem iPad
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Geocaching with iPad
12 to 200
2,5 hours
Medium to high
Locations available: Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen, Wuppertal, Remscheid-Lennep, Dortmund, Aachen, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich*
69,- €/per person | fixed price for 20 persons or less 1.350,- € | plus VAT and travel expenses**

Virtual reality and a tangible experience

The playing area of the iChallengeis situated in a city like a puzzle. When the mystery begins your opponents’ position is known. You may disappear for a short time to irritate the other teams and hide your position.
In the chatroom you exchange information with other teams and receive assistance from the facilitator. If you come to the right destination the next task suddenly appears on screen. This and many more surprises come along with this versatile team activity.

The actual handling of the iPad is very easy. This new trend is called „Location Based Gaming“ and guides you to different places in the city. On arrival at the correct location questions and riddles appear on screen that can only be answered and solved on this spot.

Taking photos, scanning codes, finding geocaches or answering questions, all this against each other and the clock. Locating other teams on the integrated map makes the iChallenge an interactive and exciting team event.

We need a room for the briefing near the place the iChallengeis about to start. Costs that may occur hereby haven’t been taken into consideration in our calculation.

*We are able to create a new play area at every requested place. The charges for a basic version are up to 50 persons: 750,-€, up to 100 persons: 1.000,-€and from 101 persons: 1500,-€.

**In the historic centre of Remscheid-Lennep we offer the iChallenge for 59,-€.