schnurstracks Teamevent offers sporty, exciting and team-oriented outdoor events for companies. For many years we have successfully got people and teams moving. With our interactive and fun-oriented events, we motivate you at your summer party, your anniversary event, company outing or during the down time section of your conference.

Großes Team steht im Kreis auf einer Wiese
Flipchart während eines Großgruppenevents
Großes Finale beim Teamevent Seifenkistenrennen
Stuhlkreis mit den Teilnehmern

Large group activities with messages

Living communication
depending on the programm
subject to objectives
subject to objectives
depending on the programm
depending on the programm
subject to the program

Experience full size

There is no difference if the message is „One Company“ after a merger , the distinction between design and sustainability is to be illustrated or the benefit of implementing a new software is to be made visible for a sales persons. The variety of subjects is unlimited.
Seeing means understanding and what is even better is self-experiencing.
We combine learning events with fun activities. Therefore, we use the  methods described on our Teamevent website  as well as furhter components of our services. We include the methods in an effective large group scenery corresponding to your topics. All elements have in common the special energy of a large group.

If you want more than to communicate a topic but look for a dialogue and want to „bring the organisation into conversation with itself“ we will provide additional methods such as World Café, RTSC, future conference 2.0 and similiar facilitating methods.

Join a conversation with us about large group activities. We are happy to provide you an unique offer.