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Mit der Farbpalette ab ins Teamevent TeamKunst
Ein gemeinsames Team-Gemälde ist entstanden
Unter professioneller Künstler-Anleitung macht sich das Team ans Werk
Das Team malt in der Kreativphase des Teamevents TeamKunst

Team Painting

An image of the organisation arises
min. 5
2 hours
medium to high
both possible
every seminar room possible
59,- €/person | fixed price for 20 persons or less 1.150,- € | plus VAT and travel expenses

An art event for everyone

Team painting means to create art work together with the whole team – no matter if there are 10, 50 oder 500 persons involved. There is a variety of methods to be used depending on objectives, group size and budget. This event is suitable for a single team event but also possible to be part of a conference dealing with your principles, objectives and values.
In any case we will provide the participants with brushes, pens, arcrylic paint, palettes and everything else that is needed for the creation of real art work.
Finally  the participants create a lasting testament of artwork which can be put up at a suitable location.

All participants may receive a postcard or poster. Your visitors will be impressed and the participants will have a lasting memory.

At request this event will be accompanied by an artist.