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Das Baumaterial liegt ausgebreitet auf einer Wiese
Hier steht der Turm bereits, ein kunstvolles Geflecht aus Bambusstäben
Gemeinsam richtet das Team den Turm auf

Tower Building

Reaching towards the sky
15 to 500
2 hours or more
low to high
outdoor, if indoor a ceiling height of 8 m is required
49,- €/person | fixed price for 20 personen or less 980,- € | plus VAT and travel expenses

Adapted from the Chinese – bamboo as construction material

All participants construct a „building“ in common or depending on the group size work together on several buildings at the same time. Both the most solid and highest tower possible is to be built. The team is divided into serveral groups. Each group prepares a fragment of the tower. In the second part of the construction phase these fragments will be put together to one or more towers. The complexity of this project is subject to group size.  A height of 8 to 10 meters is possible. A creative installation shall be fixed at the top of the tower.
A whole city may of Bamboo towers may arise depending on the group size.

Certain issues – ranging from communication to project management – are integrated in this exercise.