schnurstracks Teamevent offers sporty, exciting and team-oriented outdoor events for companies. For many years we have successfully got people and teams moving. With our interactive and fun-oriented events, we motivate you at your summer party, your anniversary event, company outing or during the down time section of your conference.

Boccia spielen mit kleinen "Säckchen"
X-Boccia-Bälle im Einsatz auf einer Treppe
Beim klassischen Boccia, bzw. Boule, werden statt dieser Säckchen Kugeln verwendet
Das Teamevent X-Boccia lässt sich sowohl drinnen als auch draußen spielen


"Old" game - new possibilities
3 to 200
minimum 1,5 hours
both is possible
flexible, each place or room is possible
29,- €/person | fixed price for 22 persons or less 649,- € | plus VAT and travel expenses

Boccia, where and how you want it

In small teams the participants throw first the target ball or jack and try afterwards to come as close to the jack as possible. Because of the fabric kick balls X-Boccia is not only possible on a flat court but at any other place. Also uneven terrain. All existing obstacles will simply be part of the game.
Many different types are possible. Different kinds to throw the balls as well as the obligation to throw via one rail will increase the difficulty level. A greater distance to the jack will be rewarded with extra points.

Our facilitator and referee will introduce the game and its most important rules. He or she will arrange a little tournament for you. We will provide all material and balls necessary.

The game can either be played in the reception area of a company, in a hotel or in a conference room or even in your office.

Of course, the game can be played outside. Every place is possible no matter if it is in a park or city.

Depending on the setting individuals or whole teams can compete with each other.
Experience new possibilities on an “old” game.

A tournament with special obstacles which are not contained in the price quoted above is also possible. We would appreciate to submit you a special offer.